Our Technology

The patented PLF-500’s most remarkable feature is that it uses 100% raw poultry litter, without additional biomass or fuel additives, to provide heat to poultry houses.

Additionally, because the technology involves the production of forced dry air to the poultry houses, humidity and ammonia are dramatically reduced.

Finally, this technology reduces raw poultry litter volume by 80% and the resulting ash is a bacteria-free organic fertilizer.

The PLF-500 is typically positioned between two poultry houses, on a slab, under a shed. A skid-loader or tractor loads the main hopper with litter once or twice a day. The state-of- the-art programmable logic controller (PLC) monitors the various feed, crushing, combustion and ash removal functions and ensures optimal operation. The PLC also works in collaboration with the poultry house ventilation controls to ensure the injection of the appropriate amount of warm dry forced air to optimize poultry living conditions.