Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the environment is vital to ensuring the quality of life for future generations of poultry growers and their neighbors. As a good neighbor, a Global Re-Fuel farm will contribute to long-term environmental improvement in several ways. Using raw poultry litter as fuel for the PLF500 is an environmentally friendly alternative to spreading raw poultry litter on pasture-land. Reducing the amount off raw poultry litter spread on pasture-land will reduce nutrient runoff that is threatening water quality in many rivers and bay areas. Furthermore, application of the ash produced by the PLF500 combustion process is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers on crops. Finally, since the PLF500 generates heat for the poultry houses using raw poultry litter as the fuel, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by more than 100,000 lbs/yr/house because almost no propane or natural gas is burned. Using the Global Re-Fuel PLF500 as the primary heating solution on your farm will ensure that, as a poultry grower, you are doing your part to help the environment.

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