Increases Profitability

  • Much less propane                                     $ Cost Savings
  • Improved flock performance                    $ Added Income
  • No ammonia treatment                             $ Cost Savings
  • Less frequent replacement bedding       $ Cost Savings
  • Poultry Litter Ash sales                             $ Added Income

It all adds up to improve the farm bottom line

Reduces Environmental Liability

Converts environmentally hazardous litter to a safe organic soil amendment
70,000+ lb. reduction in CO2 emissions per house per year from reduced propane usage

Raises a “Better Bird”

The PLF500 produces and delivers warm dry air into the poultry house
This dry air reduces humidity levels, controls ammonia and helps maintain dry floors
Therefore producing a “better bird”

Growers - Contact us to learn more about how the Global Re-Fuel PLF500 will help your farm.

The PLF500 ensures that my farm is environmentally friendly and consumes virtually no propane.

When the propain guage is in the red the PLF500 keeps more money in your pocket.

Less fuel usage and better feed conversion equals more profit.