About Us

Global Re-Fuel is an energy technology-based company focusing on solutions that address environmental issues facing the agriculture industry, while increasing farmers’ margins and improving livestock conditions.

Global Re-Fuel has developed the PLF-500 Reactor System, a patented warm-air biomass furnace that converts raw poultry litter to energy, providing heat to broiler houses and converting raw poultry litter into pathogen-free organic fertilizer.

The PLF-500 Reactor System is emerging technology that helps solve the ever-increasing nutrient overload and runoff problem that is pervasive throughout areas near livestock concentrations, such as the algal blooms in the Chesapeake Bay largely due to poultry farm runoff from the Delmarva Peninsula. The PLF-500 Reactor System has other important benefits as well, including reducing CO2 emissions by more than 70,000 lbs/yr/house, reducing farmers’ operating costs and improving poultry living conditions.